In Astrology...== Alpha Magnusa is a Class K star, located in the Saggitarius arm. It is only slightly larger than the Canian's home star, a class G. The system itself holds one planet that sustains life, and fifteen moons that sustain life. Total, there are three solid planets, the third being the life-supporter, seven gas giants, two of which are used as gas mines, and 156 known moons.

Canian importanceEdit

Canians use this system primarily for storage/mining purposes. Due to the large number of gas giants, its primary exports are hydrogen, helium, and geothermal energy. These are primarily used to power airships. In a strange twist, airships are used to mine the energy from the planets. Larger varieties are used as floating cities, and rest areas for tired Canians.


Canian workers on a typical week-long break from work