A Caninian artist's rendering of the Kavalos Sea on the Eastern hemisphere of he planet.

"Go there on vacation. Seriously, everybody's friendly, It's cheap, and you get treated like royalty."

-Anonymous human


It is currently Believed that Cania's current geography became what is is now around 2081, partly due to Caninian geographical reconfiguration tools. On the Western portion of the planet, two large supercontinents dominated the landscape, seperated by a channel 5 miles wide at most,and 7000 miles long. The Northwest continent, Avato, is a mostly temperate area of plains and hills, escalating into mountains on the northern pole of the planet. The Southeast continient, Svinukm, is much like the plains and hills in Avato in the Northeastern brim, but they quickly turn into tropical jungles and lake-dotted, swamp-like landscapes. The Eastern hemisphere, however is dotted with large and small islands, each a tropical paradise. This region, known as the Kavalos Sea, is a massive tourist attraction and is also A massive trade center, thanks to its abundant natural resources.


Avato is most famous for its Northern mountain ranges, some reaching 8 miles into the sky due to increased seismic activity. Seismic activity is barely noticable on Cania due to the fact that sice the planet is so old, the edges of tectonic plates smooth out, and continents glide by each other. The mountain peaks are inhabited by a rouge race of Caninians known as the Qanfur. The Qanfur are slightly shorter versions of Caninians with thick fur. They are the main reason only the lower mountains are used for commercial purposes. Avato's plains and hills are used for agriculture and is known for its unique wheat and potato farms, which are extremely high in nutrition due to a natural fertelizer found in riverbed soil. Avato is also home to Mitek, a mining corporation known for its enviornmentally friendly mining methods, and their refiners, that turn standard fossil fuels into much cleaner Evoful, a classified mixture of ingredients used to create a fuel 80% cleaner then gasoline, coal, or any other non-renewable resources. Avato's highest mountain, Shochen, with the approval of the Qanfur, now has become the largest military and commercial space docking center on Cania. It, and almost every home on Cania is fueled by the Ark-2 solar platforms, which harness the energy of solar flares to produce enormous amounts of elecrical energy, which is sent down to the surface by means of using a laser.


Svinikum is known for its extremely successful exotic fruit, rice, and sugar cane farms, and its commercial vehicle manufacturing facilities. It is, however, home to some of the nastiest intergalactic inhabitants on the planet. The city of Miak, or the Underground, as known by its inhabitants, looks like a rich, safe, and prospering city from the outside, and it is, but only on the top layer. The subway acess points were taken over by rogue humans, caninians, and other drug smugglers. After that they took over the bottom 70% of Miak, the Network. The Network is the literal foundation of the city, with networks of catwalks, underground roads, and even builings, it became a hotspot for the darkest inhabitants of the planet. The Network, as of 2093, is a massive trade spot for drugs, weapons, and other illegal items and trades. The Upper Layer inhabitants fear The Network, so they bought apartments and homes near the center of Miak, where the portion of The Network below it was extremely heavily guarded and monitored by Caninian security forces. This caused the price of housing there to triple after a week, and the Caninian government delighted in this extravagent spending just to avoid The Network. Ironically, almost three quarters of the city's net income is due to trade in The Network. So the inhabitants of Miak are spending the very money earned by the people they fear.

Kavalos SeaEdit

The Kavalos sea is the most well known region of the planet, and for good reason. It is the Galapagos Islands of Cania, with Caninian scientists still discovering at least two new species of plant, animal, or fungus there every day. It is also home to the largest fruit trade port on the Saggitarius arm of the Milky way.