Background== Tiralians are the primary enemies of the Caninians, and are listed as #3 in "Top Ten Most Significant Species in The Galaxy" as of 2120. Tiralians are described as bearing a striking resemblance to "Turians" from an old Earth game named Mass Effect. Their race is beleived to have started civilized action around 1203 B.C.E. This proves they have a large capacity for quick learning, as their only competitors in tech are Caninians, Adrazakai, and the mysterious Krzklozxcolosavkyyer. The Tiralians had a political system about as different from Caninian politics as possible. They beleive one leader should have absolute rule over all. The leader, the Impekiuk, is not elected by any of the governors, people, or success. Instead, the Impekiuk is chosen by the Trial, where their blood is dripped on a rare kind of metal, and if the metal reacts by glowing, the Tiralian is accepted as leader. If not, they are executed. It is discovered that the metal "accepts" blood only if the blood is type O, so it's based off chance, rather than right of way.